Tara Leigh Cobble
I don't know precisely how Tara-Leigh gets every audience to fall completely in love with her in minutes flat, but I've seen it happen time and time again. Well, maybe here's how: she is completely authentic, irresistibly funny, uncommonly relatable, and humbly profound. Whether reading her words or listening to them, you can't help but conclude that she walks in lock-step with the Lord. The woman is a treasure, and she possesses one of the sweetest spirits this side of heaven.

- Lisa Siedlecki, Communications Director
Walnut Hill Community Church - Bethel, CT

I feel so blessed to have had an opportunity to learn from Tara-Leigh. Her words were genuine, challenging, and relevant. She was such an inspiration and - without question - the best speaker we've ever had at our annual Staff & Faculty Retreat!

- Lauren Teather
Seoul Foreign School - Seoul, South Korea

Tara-Leigh offers a refreshing and encouraging look at what it means to simply walk with Jesus.

- Lee McDerment, Worship Leader
NewSpring Church - Anderson, SC

I'm amazed at the way Tara-Leigh's love for God has called and equipped her to reach not only this generation but those before and after hers as well.

- Kris Swiatocho
Director, The Singles Network Ministries

Possessing a keen understanding of the simple truths of the gospel, coupled with candor, humility, and relentless humor, Tara-Leigh never fails to inspire her audience. Her transparency and authenticity meet a desperate need in the Body, empowering everyone who hears her message.

- Terrica Smith
Shannon Ethridge Ministries

We've had Tara-Leigh speak, sing, and lead worship at three different events. Part of what I love about doing ministry with her is that she possesses no pretense, no arrogance - just a big laugh and a deep heart that loves people.

- Joe Batluck
Peninsula Community Chapel - Yorktown, VA